I grew up living in fear and survived a two decade long depression.

I grew up in neighborhoods rife with drugs, alcohol and violence.

Because of my ‘growing up’ circumstances, I thought I was weak.

Weak because I was ashamed.

Weak because I felt guilty.

Weak because I was scared.

Now, I’m a woman who realizes that the little girl inside me still craves the healthy foundation she missed out on.

The little girl still desires to feel loved, accepted and cared for.

She wants someone to take notice of the fear and pain that she’s endured.

She wants to be seen. She wants to be heard.

She wants to know if anybody’s there.

As I traverse this spiritual journey (because that’s what it is) the little girl attempts to re-parent herself.

As she does, she becomes a more confident, self-loving and boundary setting bad-ass (but in a good way).

No to mediocre relationships. No to being broke. No to poor health.

No to suffering in silence.

Yes, to love. Yes, to living. Yes, to life. Yes, to self.

Yes, somebody’s there.

This little girl is brave, smart, beautiful and resourceful.

She is a survivor.

The little girl within me has always been strong.

The little girl has always been great.

The little girl is me.


I’m the best-selling author of

The Power Within: How to Heal, Love and Design the Life You Want.

I had a message from the little girl that is me, and I share this message in my book.

I share with the hope that this book will help other women who need the self-love and confidence to create something different and new.

For the woman who wants to move past the anger, hurt and disappointment that life has dealt.

The little girl within you has always been strong.

She’s always been great.

When I forget these truths, I go deeper into my healing.

And as I heal more, I evolve into a better version of myself.

I look forward to sharing more of my story. I hope it helps you heal too.

Carla Necole